The MVP of Home Décor for 2020

Once you finish a home project, you feel a sense of extreme accomplishment and satisfaction. What was once in your brain is now a reality, and will live with you for the foreseeable future. Whether you are the type to take a seat on your sofa, armchair, ottoman, counter-top, or just lean up against the wall and stare at your accomplishments; there’s something about displaying your artwork to the public that is internally satisfying.

Since we have been in pandemic mode for much of 2020, house warming parties and other typical gatherings have been on the decline. They have been an off limits no-no or a muffled shindig like a Prohibition era speakeasy. For this reason, many more have taken to social media to share their creative efforts. Something has been a great centerpiece. Many decor posts from the amateurs to the professional interior designers and architects have:


Natural light is rarely spoken of as a décor piece. It is spoken of as an omnipresent source that is here for a little while and disappears. In reality, it is more than that. Truth is, even certain decorations lose their appeal when natural sunlight is replaced with incandescent, fluorescent, or LED light. In an increasingly digital world, homes that are reflection-based have the best natural light. This luminous effect helps to bring out the best in every decor piece, cabinet, or appliance.


Adding more reflective surfaces to your home doesn’t just feed the internet professional looking for the perfect photo opportunity; it saves big on energy costs, too. Going to a dimly lit section of your house and coming up short on natural light when it is high noon adds up. The electric company lives for dim-lit homes with year over year profit.

*Keep in Mind* – You can also lose money by adding more windows to your home. In the summer months, more windows can mean more A/C consumption. Likewise, when in the winter months, you can use more heat when cold air leaks through the window. If you would prefer more windows for lighting, you can visit Glass Doctor for information on how to insulate your windows for weather seeping. You can also ask the glass professionals that you plan to hire to suggest some double-pane windows that would be best for you.


Having a more reflective home that multiplies natural light opens up your options. Not only does it help to apply mood control, but also setting the temperature of the sunlight’s effect on specific objects in your house. Are you preparing to watch a movie with the kids? Would you like sunlight to reflect around the T.V., but still provide enough sunlight to not make them sleepy and keep you up all night? Positioning of the shades and drapes can put the world in your palm for some great times with the family. You can even close the drapes just enough to reflect off of your favorite centerpiece or artwork. Sky is the limit!

Here is a great article from window experts on approaches you can take in your home for natural light adjustments – Ecoline Windows .

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