Prepare For This Battle

There’s an unspoken battle that is heating up with the increase of video communication service usage. The surge from schools, workplaces, entertainers and more has led to an increase in competitive spirit. It is still in the early stages, but you can see the subtle signs in the way your classmate or co-worker leans in a particular direction. The way the laptop is pointed at an angle, instead of straightforward. No one will come outright and say it because it would stir the pot.

If you or your child has been in the habit of rearranging and moving furniture around the computer area, you may be a guilty party, also. No need to feel ashamed about it, it is a natural occurrence for a professional striving for perfection.

Conference Decor

When you log into that video conference or school portal, you have to make sure the view is as professional as possible. Yeah, there were a slew of unfolded clothes in the background at first, but they didn’t know that. Why not go the extra mile and skew the laptop or computer camera angle slightly to the left. Go ahead and capture that beautiful painting from the local artist in your area that you’re a fan of.  Conference scenery isn’t something that just sits in the background, it tells a story. People (who otherwise didn’t know much about you) now have a little more insight about your life. Sure, you can be the everyday blank wall and face combination. History shows us: once one starts, get ready.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be limited to decorations around the house. During the day, you could allow the sun to bring some energy into a potentially dull meeting. Sunlight increases serotonin, and helps boost your mood. That can be beneficial to a performance review or participation grade. Also (in positions of management) more sunlight and a lively mood can lead to more engagement from employees.

You may be someone who prefers a warm, mellow setting as opposed to the typical commercial vibe of office/school lighting. It’s probably not (yet) socially acceptable to go full on “Dark Knight” view while working in the virtual domain, but it should be well known that some people just work better in a dim setting. Some lamps give off a gradient tone, which will allow you to position yourself in an area where you are not overwhelmed by light, but at the same time not pulling a virtual hoodie over your head.


Pets – can’t live without them, because they won’t let you live without them. Depending on the level of trainer you are (or you’ve worked with) you may have a friendly fellow nonchalantly mosey through your background view.

Whether the stage was intentionally set for your furry buddy to make an entrance or not, pets can uplift morale. Even if they’ve somehow snuck through the guard you had blocking their entrance, everyone on call would welcome the personality. Heck, they know it’s not their handful 🙂 

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