3 Reasons You Should Never Delay Laundry Day

    Somehow with a semi-clear schedule filled with house duties, there always seems to be time for catching up on some Z’s. Also, there could be some super important news (that is never ending) on social media that you have to read and comment on. Or it could be anything else the world has to offer, right?

    Laundry day in particular has drawbacks when you procrastinate getting to them when the clean clothes are getting low. Aside from the obvious that you’re playing with a potential “nude day out,” here are 3 major problems with delaying laundry day:

Unnecessary Stress

    It is always in the belief of the procrastinator that there will be enough time to get to the task at hand. The problem with that theory is it doesn’t take into account the exorbitant amount of stress it puts on your life.  For example, once you put off laundry for another activity, you are most likely not going to also factor in the amount of activities that are created during the day. Parents of young children, especially, (we know adults, too) have the most unpredictable schedule possible, considering the most volatile variable that a child possesses: the ability to learn the hard way.

    Whether you have to make a quick run to the store because the little one spilled the last of the milk all over the kitchen, or you get an unexpected call to come into work – always consider the fact that you can’t predict life’s variables. So don’t add the extra stresses and anxiety to your life.

Lost Time

    “Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin. Of course it makes sense in the moment to binge watch your favorite television show instead of separating the clothes by color and throwing them in the washing machine. Even more so, those who have to make a trip to the laundry mat, run the risk of exhausting a full day watching the timer that could have been an extra wash and dry shorter.

    Time management is not only a valuable life skill, but also a valuable job skill. Time management in life trickles over into your work life. Getting to that bin of clothes before it overflows shows initiative, and you can include that initiative in your next resume!

Permanent Stains

If a spot stain remover was not used on stained clothes before they were put into the laundry basket, the longer you delay, the more likely those stains will be permanent. Permanent stains will mean one of two things: You or the kid(s) are going to find a way to act like the stain doesn’t exist, or you are going to be spending some extra cash on some new threads.

For these reasons, I’d say stay as stress free as possible and get those rags clean!

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